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Robolink CoDrone

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There is such a thing! I have for you at the same time cool and breaking news. I think I know what it looks like coming of Skynet! The guys from Robolink, of course, well done. But I find that... disturbing!

The first bells rang at CES 2016, where the team presented to the public CoDrone. Ordinary at first glance, the drone with the remote control turned out to be not so simple. The main difference between Code Drone and it stands as his name, from similar solutions is the need not only self-assembly but also programming.

No, the latter is not limited to the usual optimization of the engine performance, speed control rotations, and other twicam. The essence of this approach is to make a fully autonomous, working on a certain algorithm, the Dron. Follow the owner through pattern recognition. The flight path is programmed. "Research" mode - all this and much more is available in the geeks with the help of the corresponding SDK, included in the fuel supply package. It should be noted that Robolink throws newbies one on one with a strange and intricate programming world. For all existing visual examples of ready-made template projects and, most importantly, the opportunity to receive help from the project that is forming around the CoDrone community.

The drone itself is miniature, but it is based on the principles of modular design. That's why it's easy to turn from a drone to an all-terrain vehicle by simply buying a Rover Kit and a three-minute replacement of the rotors on the wheels. For the sake of completeness, the amphibian regime is lacking. But watching the lightning development of the project, we can assume with great confidence that this is only a matter of time. As well as the appearance of more bulky, powerful and, respectively, load-lifting versions. However, here we are already close to the issue of the need to regulate the use of such drones at the legislative level. And this is a completely different story.

Whatever it was, but the main value is not the drone. And the remote control. He's a programmer. Supplied in the form of a kit-set of printed circuit boards and radio components, it implies an independent assembly. The orientation towards the hardcore audience of geek programmers Robolink did not fail to emphasize demonstratively here. To explain the impossibility of supplying the buyer with a ready remote control in any other way personally, I find it difficult.

We add to the equation the inquisitive minds of geeks of all races and ages, able to program such a piece of iron for anything. And we get a completely unpredictable result. Who knows, maybe in some inconspicuous garage somewhere in Montana, a schoolboy-prodigy who got hold of a pre-series copy of CoDrone is already sculpting his own Hunter Killer? Whether these stereotypical alarms inspired by Hollywood are justified - only time will show. In the meantime, we can only state the fact. Robolink did it! The project collected on Kickstarter already three times more than the necessary sum. And this is 21 days before the end of the campaign. We look forward to the start of mass production. But not for a moment do we forget about the restless Chinese. After all, with the probability of 100500% at times cheaper, but little less than a clone will not take long to wait. See you later!

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