Samsung SUHD Q9, Q8, Q7 4K TV 2017 review

Samsung SUHD Q9, Q8, Q7 4K TV 2017

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Within the CES 2017 exhibition the Samsung company provided the new models as plans for the future. In 2017 such firms as Sony and Panasonic, like LG, tried OLED technologies and provided new OLED models on CES 2017. The vendor Samsung didn't follow "the tastes" of the OLED technology implemented by his direct competitor, and opposite continued to develop the QLED technologies begun earlier.

Thereby the company tries to maintain reputation that there didn't come the general domination of OLED. All know that OLED technology not only a front line, but also expensive. About these technologies there is an opportunity to read in the article OLED and SUHD of difference. Samsung tried to prove that it is possible and to be by means of SUHD, at least equal if not the best. The new TV sets provided to Samsung it is the Q9, Q8, Q7 series on quantum points.
QLED TV sets Q9, Q8 and Q7

Directly we will make a reservation that the Q7 model from Samsung wasn't presented at the CES 2017 exhibition. However there is an opportunity to assume what it will be. It is known also the fact that the name will be similar to old models to contain four digits. Each series will include both plane, and curved displays.

For example, if the plane screen is designated Q8 then bent — Q8C (where C — Curved). Additional entries in names of these models (for regions), most likely, too won't be. The firm declared that it will be able to satisfy with quality of a product any buyer 4K of production, but wasn't still officially declared additional designations.
2000 nit also 100% of DCI-P3

When it comes about quality of video, is sure by Samsung declares that due quality is available. TV sets of the Q9 and Q8 series are capable to reproduce the standard of cinema (DCI-P3) with 100 percent quality of color space. Parameter 1500-2000 nit at the peak brightness will allow to perceive high dynamic range (HDR) even more qualitatively.

The vendor assures that reproduction of images in comparison with models of 2016 will be single-digit better. Besides, the LCD structure on quantum points was improved, and viewing angles at SUHD will become even wider.
Intellectual opportunities

The QLED TV sets Q9, Q8 and Q7 in 2017 will become even more smart, than ever before. Control of the TV set will be simpler and intuitively clear. Thanks to the same Smart Remote panel it will become even more convenient to control the viewed content. There was a new Smart View application which expands Smart Hub for mobile devices. Thanks to this application there is an opportunity to send additional information or to put tabs on the timer. Thus the viewer won't pass the beginning of the favourite transmissions.

New design of supports

Unlike models of release of 2015, 2016 the vendor decided to give to the QLED TV sets Q9, Q8 and Q7 special design. It generally was reflected in supports. The standard support for these models goes in a set. However, like fixing on a wall which usually is on sale for the mezzanine board there is an opportunity to acquire one of several types of supports.

We buy the car and we select color and a covering of salon. Approximately and here, though more complete sets from the vendor of Loewe will approach comparing. One of supports can be rotated by means of the control panel. The second support comprises a set of cables, thereby creating "wireless design". Similar "kabelkanat" is especially good for wall mounting. Last has the own name "Q Style". It provides the minimum distance between the TV set and a wall.

Once it was very important for Samsung that its technology was called QLED. Let's note that the names QLED and OLED not only in writing are strongly similar, but also in a pronunciation their difference small too. Similar abbreviations often lead to confusion. Therefore the term SUHD is more often mentioned in names of models of Samsung. Anyway, we buy the TV set in order that it qualitatively showed, but not because of letters in its name.

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