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Your Own Towing Business with Online Towing Training!

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Are you tired of the same old job day after day? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you have the desire, determination to overcome anything in your path and become your own boss?

We all dream of being our own boss. To answer only to ourselves. To pursue life, liberty and happiness as provided in the constitution and which ultimately brings you freedom. But freedom is limited in a sense that you are married to your business. Your business is freedom in and of itself but again you are married to it. So be prepared for sacrifices in exchange for owning your own towing business. Most business owners will agree that the sacrifices they make to owning their own business are well worth it otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing what they are doing.

Our dreams determine our destination. If we have no dreams then what is our destination? We must all decide for ourselves which course we want to take otherwise we are doomed to day after day of the same old existence. We must pursue our dreams and make them into reality to ultimately feel fulfilled in our lives!

While working as an employee of a major towing company I really wanted to start my own towing business. I wanted my own sense of freedom and independence. I knew I would be successful even though I had no money to start with. All I had was the ambition and determination to be my own boss. After all I had the experience but only as a laborer but the accounting, sales, forms, taxes, employees etc. were all a distant mystery and would take a lot of effort to try and understand. If I had to do it all again I would have asked for professional help but I did this on my own as I had no idea where to even ask for help. I lost a lot of money by guessing how things should work and I lost valuable time in the process. We all know time is money and doing everything by trial and error defiantly cost me time and money.

I know how badly you want your own business. I know because I was there. But I made my dream a reality. It became a reality in 1995 on nothing more than a dream and desire to do things for myself rather than for someone else. I started with a ford f-150 and a used hydraulic tilt trailer that I purchased at a fair price. Next I had to purchase a business license. which was only $20.00 at the time. I purchased commercial insurance on my credit card and that was not cheap. I then devoted the first two weeks to getting local accounts. I was no salesman and for some reason I think that worked out to my advantage as the clients could see how determined I was to give them good service at really good rates even though I was not a salesman. I didn’t take no for a answer and repeatedly stopped in to ask for their business. All my business owners became my friends and employees got a discount on their personal towing needs or even for free. Building a relationship with your business accounts and customers naturally is key to your businesses success.

Again I don’t consider myself that outgoing or any type of salesman but they could see I was sincere, honest and a willingness to give them something that no one else was willing to offer them. What did I offer? Dedication! Low pricing! Honesty! I never had a damage claim while towing a customers vehicle and the reason is my dedication to the type of equipment I used. I eventually built my own hydraulic tilt trailers. Why? Because no one else built the type of COMMERCIAL trailers that I needed. I knew there was a better way for towing cars, lower loading angle which could haul low riders, corvettes etc. without doing damage. The only way to get my desired outcome was to build the custom trailers myself.

tilt trailer towing corvette
My towing setup

The results were truly AMAZING! Blood. sweat and tears and three months of 24/7 labor I finally made my first trailer. It was a major income producing machine. The trailer looked phenomenal and the performance was outstanding. The following year I went on to build my second trailer which was better than the first. I could have actually gone into business just building trailers as a business but I was in the towing business for the long haul. My dedication was in towing and making my towing business the best it could be. Do you have dedication? Are you willing to give up vacations? Are you willing to give it your all so that you don’t have to work the 40 plus hours a week, working for someone else?

Look, I am almost 58 now and I can with certain say that the best times of my life was starting and running my own towing business. Look at how you think about working for someone else. Is it satisfying? Can you say the best times you have had are working for your employers? 97 percent will probably say no and the remaining 3% probably had a upper hand in management telling other people what to do.

I have put together a online towing training site which tells you everything I know about the towing business. I have videos which shows you how to hook up a car properly and what not to do. I have detailed descriptions of equipment you should have, motor club information, addresses, phone numbers, how to get accounts, what type of tow truck you should use in your business, how to unlock a vehicle in under three minutes and the list goes on and on. It s all my personal information that I have learned from 25 years in the towing industry and you will not find this information anywhere else.

If you are a towing operator and you want to improve your skills then learn from my experience. If you are a towing operator who wants to start your own business then determinately get my towing information. You know the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. Hopefully your smart enough to learn from my mistakes and my knowledge of 25 years in the towing industry. Get this towing information right now and make your towing business prosper. I guarantee your satisfaction or it’s free and I always give free support.
Sincerely Yours in business and as a friend,

Wally Cass

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