Numatic Extraction 4-in-1 NHL15 Kit BS27 Trijet Extraction x1 review

Numatic Extraction 4-in-1 NHL15 Kit BS27 Trijet Extraction x1

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 The NHL 15 has been designed to reflect the need for quick and effective carpet care with the minimum of preparation and effort.
Incorporated in this design is the TwinFlo’ high performance, carpet vacuum extraction system together with a dual, high performance, deep clean, PowerFlo’ pump injection unit, providing a choice of two performance standards which can be selected at any time to suit your specific needs.
Almost every carpet cleaning task is made up of two specific areas:- the heavily soiled dirt tracked
areas, always present in doorways and main walkways but, equally, a much larger area of carpet
off the beaten track and only lightly soiled.
The Hi-Lo system allows you to select the Hi pressure... 4 Bar (60 psi)... TriJet performance for
heavily soiled areas and the Lo pressure... 2 Bar (30 psi) standard for lesser soiled areas. This system gives you the exact performance you need by simple selection, Hi or Lo, and reduces carpet wetting in areas where carpets need less cleaning penetration.
For user convenience there are two separate emptying systems: full removal of the dirty water tank or, where this is not practical, an integrated dump hose.
Hi-Lo is not just for carpets, it has all the power, performance and convenience for the cleaning of fabrics and upholstery.

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