The best folding bike Strida review

The best folding bike Strida

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There have passed two years since I began to go by Strida. In the winter, in the summer, during a rain, snow and a heat I display the bike and I go shopping, cinema, to mail or to work, I take with myself in travel to other cities and the countries.

During this time I saved up impressions, councils, and photos, and I have gathered them.

Strida — the best city bike. Compact and reliable.

All wires are hidden in a frame, and parts are picked up intelligently: instead of the soiling and demanding chain lubricant — a kevlar belt (a resource of 60 000 km), disk brakes (as at boys), wings for protection against dirt, a convenient luggage carrier.

Despite brittle appearance, frame and other parts of the bike very strong and long-lasting. In two years of constant trips, a situation when the bike broke and I couldn't go on it, occurred only once (I drive in the winter I bit a belt).

Strida not about the speed and jumps from a border is a bike for comfortable trips around the city like New York, Paris, Moscow with the average speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour. The bike is very maneuverable, dimensions allow to go quietly on the sidewalk and boulevards were to get out to the road uncomfortably, and at the same time not to disturb pedestrians: it is almost also easy to go round them by small bike how to bypass.

Strida has been created especially for those who should make daily a long way to work and back on different types of transport (the local train, the subway, ground transport). Mass production has been started in 1987, and the English engineer and the designer Mark Sanders has thought up the bike.

Extended delusion: Strida not the real bike, by it impossible to pass 50 kilometers, it inconvenient, slow and so on. It's a lie. Yes, he not racing and not high-speed, I will repeat, he is a city. But on it is quite possible to overcome any distance until the bottom falls off. But she will fall off if to replace a standard fig saddle on good, Brooks, for example. The average speed of 15 kilometers per hour (taking into account a landscape) gives us about 70 kilometers in 5 hours.

On a wheel and Strida's luggage carrier it is possible to place easily a backpack or couple of string-bags with products.


Practically it is necessary to potter with all folding bikes on several minutes, and then also to drag on itself. Strida develops and displayed in 5-10 seconds, easily turning into the small cart. She can be rolled or put easily somewhere indoors.

At last, it is possible to ride underground, meetings and at a cinema. It is possible for somebody to go by the kitchen or an armpit. It is possible to put the bike in 5 seconds and to drag for itself as a block the cart. Well and any family of hipsters with pleasure will adopt you with it.

Any cattle won't tell that with a bike it is impossible! It is possible to filter anywhere now. The bike in folded form shrinks so that is located in a bed instead of a teddy bear. Behind there is a luggage carrier maintaining 10 kilograms (roll the hamster!).
Feelings? As though you fly on an isosceles triangle. Absolutely drug addict feeling. More abruptly unless when it from the bike the easy movement, turns, turns, turns.

In the winter

I have lived two years in Finland, in the city of Imatra, and every day, as well as others, rode in school a bike. There has come the winter, nobody warned Finns that it is necessary "to close a season" and to hide the bike, therefore all continued to ride in school bikes on snow in −20. Strange thing: it has appeared conveniently and in the nature of things.

How to buy.

6 models of the bike are now produced: 5.0, STRiDA C1, STRiDA of EVO, STRiDA of LT, STRiDA Special Edition, STRiDA of SX. At me simple LT, his main shortcoming is one speed, and from pluses: he is easier. If I buy the new bike that would stop the choice on the Evo model, it already has 3 speeds. In the USA you can buy EVO on eBay for $999, and LT for $650.

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