Nitro Bike review

Nitro Bike

Our rating:
 1/10 from 1 reviewers.

A simple, entertaining solution for brain activity maintenance that goes
far beyond logic tests.

Six-Person Online Multiplayer : A first on the Wii. Challenge up to five of
your friends and cover them with mud as you burn past them to the finish

Rocket to Victory : Use the nitro rocket to propel your bike to speeds the
Wii has only dreamed of seeing until now.

Massive Replayability : On top of the killer online multiplayer, Nitrobike
features 20 turbocharged racing environments and 67 kick-ass events.

Be One With the Speed : Wii Remote™ rumble, blur effects, and screen
shake will ensure this is the fastest experience you’ll encounter on the

Rack ’em Up : Wreck your bike into a frame of king-sized pins in the
four-player bowling game.

You Gotta Be You : Career mode, upgradeable bikes, and lots of unlockable
characters will ensure you stand out as the most Xtreme of the Xtreme

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