2007-2013 Volkswagen Eos review

2007-2013 Volkswagen Eos

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For a land of Contrasts.Exhilaration. Welcome to the dawn of a new driving experience, one that invites you to enjoy the freedom and luxury of a cabriolet with the comfort and performance of a coupe. An experience that means you never have to choose between your wilder, windswept side and your desire to travel in stylish safety. Welcome to the Eos, a car that says you can have it all, from the exhilaration of driving a sporty open top, to the comfort of being behind the wheel of a saloon. When your mood, or the weather, changes, so will the Eos and, thanks to its innovative five-section folding roof system, it will do it in just 25 seconds…Sliding Roof. From its Le Mans alloy wheels to its five-piece Coupe, Sliding and Convertible (CSC) roof, the Eos is a car that doesn't ask you to compromise on luxury to have the essentials. It doesn't because it is the perfect fusion of outstanding technology and irresistible sophistication. Philosophy of the Eos.Chic Body Design. That means a 6-disc, dash-mounted CD changer with eight speakers, a three spoke multi-function leather steering wheel, cruise control, front cloth sports seats and dual zone climate control air conditioning – developed especially for the Eos – come as standard. Then again, as you can see when you take a look at the Eos' chic body design, this is a car that is setting new standards on every front.Model Range:
Eos 2.0 TDI
Eos 2.0T FSI
Eos 103TDI
Eos 155TSI

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