Chef Tony Wonder Cooker review

Chef Tony Wonder Cooker

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Versatile all-in-one cooker which will roast, grill, steam, fry, saute or slow cook.
Welcome to the world of Wonder Cooker. Set to revolutionise the way you cook, it's so versatile – you may never need to switch on your oven again! Roasting, grilling, steaming, shallow frying, slow cooking or saut?ing; there's nothing this compact marvel can't do. Big enough to feed the whole family from its 7.6 litre non-stick pot, you can roast a whole chicken with vegetables, slow cook a casserole, saut? some juicy prawns or steam crunchy vegetables.
There's just one easy-read dial to control everything – put in your food, turn the dial and relax until your perfectly cooked meal is ready to enjoy. With a basket for flash-frying and a rack for steaming or keeping food warm, it redefines one-pot cooking. If that's not enough, the bowl can go in the dishwasher afterwards for easy clean-up.
Versatile one-pot cooking – cooks, grills, steams, frys, and roasts
Powerful and adjustable heat control
Dual action cooking technology to supercharge cooking time
Doesn't need cooking oil unless you are frying
30% faster cooking – means less time in the kitchen
Lightweight and attractive compact design for easy storage
Set Includes
1 x Fillet knife
1 x Rock n chop chopper
1 x Chop n chop chopper
1 x Scissors
1 x Paring knife,
4 x Steak/utility knives
2 x All-purpose slicers

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