Sunbeam Cafe Series Twin Thermoblock review

Sunbeam Cafe Series Twin Thermoblock

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 5/10 from 1 reviewers.

Developed with World Barista Champion, Paul Bassett, this espresso machine has all the elements required to deliver a memorable espresso - one that is as sweet as caramel, rich in texture with a mouth-watering aroma.Features:
Semi-auto pump espresso machine
Twin pump and twin thermoblock - TPTT system
TPTT system for simultaneous use - pour espresso and texture milk at the same time
15 BAR espresso pump & 4 BAR steam pump
Dedicated heating systems for espresso & steam functions
Espresso gauge - extraction quality
Commercial size group head & filter handle
Programmable control panel
3 litre water resvoir with low water indicator
Hot water dispenser
Accessories: 800ml stainless milk jug, barista coffee tamp and spoon

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