Green Power GPT-E1303 review

Green Power GPT-E1303

Our rating:
 9/10 from 1 reviewers.

Easy to Clean
Magnetic and Bio-Ceramic Technology
Living Juice
Precision Twin Gears
Pulp Ejection
The Most Versatile Juicer
Low Cost, Low Heat
Automativ Overheating Thermostat
Quality Build
Low Noise
The feeding chute rarely clogs up
39.5mm feeding chute is wider than 38mm of other machines
Lighter housing and more convenient cleaning of the screens
Quicker more convenient assembly
3/4 the weight of other twin gear machines - bigger is not better!
Separate gear set that work like a single screw juicer for smoother juices from soft fruits
More reliable with a longer warranty than any other twin gear juicer
Length 405 mm
Height 300 mm
Width 190mm
Weight: 6.2Kg

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