Ikea Skanka 6 / 7-piece review

Ikea Skanka 6 / 7-piece

Our rating:
 9/10 from 2 reviewers.

Basematerial: Aluminium, Coated with Teflon(R) Select, Non-stick coating
Handle: Phenolic plastic
Lid: Stainless steel
Thick walls evenly distribute the heat so that the food is heated up from several directions.
Thick base prevents food getting easily burnt and stuck to the pan.
Low weight makes the pan easy to handle, even when filled with food.
Made from aluminium; spreads heat quickly and makes it easy to regulate so the food won't get burnt and stuck to the pan.
With Teflon Select, a hardwearing non-stick coating that allows cooking with little fat and makes cleaning easy.
Comfortable handles make the cookware easy to lift.
Rounded interior; makes stirring and beating easy.
The lid to the 3 l pot has a steam vent that reduces pressure so that food does not easily boil over.
The lid to the 5 l pot has a catch that makes it easy to pour out water through the holes in the lid.
The saucepan has two spouts; suitable for both right-handed and left-handed cooks.

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