Diorskin Forever pefect cushion review

Diorskin Forever pefect cushion

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Hi, girls are beauties! Long ago I plan to write a review of the most favorite foundation and perhaps the most pleasant cosmetic product in a cosmetics bag)) I love it from the drawing its aroma all day and till the evening))

I possess rather normal type of a skin (so showed tests on stripes) By winter the skin can endow with dryness, in the summer not a rarity sweating of the person) bought Foundation purposefully, knowing about all its pluses.

There was with it a sad story as initially wanted a shade is lighter, but within a month said to me what will be surely delivered but in a week)) it bothered Me with order and I decided on tone more darkly, and applying it even in the winter it was too dark, now is ideal what I am very glad to as agents there was still a car)))

I will show you all beauty of packing

So that it is possible to tell about a foundation:

❤ Of course it isn't pardonable to lower a hang-up about packing here) Glass powerful тюб with very sensitive and exact batcher, stylish Dior's design. Packing glass with an opaque covering that personally very much is pleasant to me))

❤ Very gentle aroma of the foundation, powdery and flower perhaps, but very attracting) Here I sit I describe and itself and I last to smell) I will tell One precisely if you like aroma of a Gerlenovsky Meteoric series this will please too)

❤ the Covering simply captivated me, As well as the producer promises it merges with a skin

This smartest merge to a skin seems to me, compare all other voice-frequency agents. Fell in love with this effect on a tester in shop)

❤ he Lays down a velvet covering, leveling texture of a skin doing it velvety and ideally leveled tone of the person. I adore process of drawing, Dior Forever simply slips on my person framing a new magnificent covering with gentle aroma.

❤ Not often the skin with it demands bracing by powder. I would call foundation the independent product which isn't demanding additions. It is necessary to notice also that it frames a covering dense and if to put also powder in habitual option the covering will be excessively dense and at times evening.)

Why still he doesn't demand powder, so it because after its drawing a skin opaque. You know such moment at some foundations (on me it more often at foundations with liquid texture, watery) that a little this treacherous greasy luster appears. Dior forever you doesn't hurry to award with it, well in any case my skin, during the summer period, not at once)

❤ Firmness excellent for all day won't bring 10-14 hours will fulfill

❤ it Unambiguously is suitable for a skin demanding masking of imperfections, at me sometimes irregular tone of a skin with small specks as a post-acne (or like that) or irregular tone when I don't manage to get enough sleep... the skin at me always speaks about everything ((

❤ doesn't hammer the Pore and that is IMPORTANT to me in the summer - the person breathes, as a result doesn't sweat and undesirable imperfections don't appear.

I want to tell also that this foundation very dense as if the second skin but the skin feels very comfortably, that is drawing weightless, mild and pleasant for the person)

Also Dior forever looks after a skin day after day it shines beauty and health more and more, - the producer promises us. From myself I can tell that at prolonged use the small result is swept really up, my skin very much fell in love with it and with constant use of this foundation takes more well-groomed and well-cared form if it is possible so to speak))) I don't want to encourage of course and to speak about over action, but noticed mild leaving.

I will unambiguously buy and further, I think found the unconditional favorite)

I recommend to try to you this voice-frequency agent unambiguously! Perhaps won't be suitable for a fat skin, it will be possible for perhaps fat, but for certain I can't tell, all individually. Will be suitable for the dry, normal and combined skin)

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