Proteus IMT-7000 review

Proteus IMT-7000

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 7.5/10 from 2 reviewers.

PROTEUS IMT-7000 treadmill is the best fitness solution. The latest Euro- design appearance plus advanced functions of monitor performance make IMT-7000 your best friend in fitness. PROTEUS Light Institutional Cardio Series make you want to look your best.Features:

There are 2 heart rate control programs to choose (60% and 85%).
There are two heart rate detecting systems. Grip pulse and Wireless pulse built in monitor.
There are 2 user setting programs and can be set up own speed program by user.


Displayer: LED & dot matrix windows
Functions: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse / elevation % and program profile (both hand pulse & receiver).
Programs: 16 - 1 manual, 1 warm-up, 5 speed, 4 incline, 2 HRC, 2 user and 1 cool-down.
Measuring: Pulse recovery with fitness rating.

Time/Distance/Calories with count down or up settin
Quick speed touch with six keys - 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 & 16 km
Pulse with target heart rate setting function.


Safety key function
Thermo-switch function
MCB with auto safety stop function

Motor: 2.0 HP continued duty with cool fan.
MCB: PWM control system
Deck/mat/cushion: 2.0 mm thickness running mat on 25.4 mm thickness plywood with 8-piece-elastomer cushion.
Roller: Dia. 60 mm machined / balanced rollers.
Frame: Heavy duty frame with main tubing 40 x 100 x 2.0 mm
Running Surface: 50 x 140 cm
Speed range: 1.0 - 18 / kph
Elevation: 0 - 12% electronic control
Max. user weight: 150 kgs
Foot print: 186 x 82 cm

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