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Oven performance meets microwave convenience. Preheat, brown, bake, or
roast–all in significantly less time. The premium stainless steel cavity
looks great, and conducts heat better than traditional painted metal
interiors. With Sensor Cook, a humidity-sensing technology that determines
when food is cooked to perfection.

Premium Stainless Steel

1.7 cu.ft. Oven Capacity

Sensor Cook Technology

Convection Technology

Premium Stainless Steel- Over-the-range LG microwaves with our premium
stainless steel finish enhance your kitchen with the ultimate in
contemporary, stylish appeal.

Sensor Cook Technology- Eliminate the guesswork in cooking.
Humidity-sensing technology determines when food is cooked and
automatically turns off the microwave to prevent the over- or under-cooking
of meals.

Convection Technology- With our convection microwave, you have all the
convenience of a second oven. Now you can bake or roast all of your
favorite foods in less time.

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