as it is correct to choose treadmill

as it is correct to choose treadmill

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You intend to buy racetrack, but you do not know what to choose? That you could gain the best experience on the track meeting your expectations follow our instructions.


Essential advantage: it is opportunity to run … at home and at the speed!
Favorable long-term investment
The reliable exercise machine available to everyone to safe trainings recommended including, for rehabilitation
Good absorption in comparison with city coverings

Several criteria are important for the choice of your racetrack.
First, it is necessary to consider the personal parameters having crucial importance in the choice of track:
Determine your level of sports preparation: the beginning or rather high level?
Allocate your purpose: you will be engaged on track for strengthening of cardiovascular system? Restoration of form? Weight loss? In addition to other sport? From time to time, regularly or intensively?


On racetracks and tracks for walking it is possible to perform various exercises in any weather and at any time. With the maximum safety and comfort for your joints. Depending on your situation define as the track will be used.


It is about restoration of form or rehabilitation. Achievement of sports results is not the defining criterion therefore engine capacity in this case is not priority.
The Walk'in Domyos racetrack will be ideal for the cardio training held from time to time. It is provided for occupations by jogging up to 30 minutes a day, active or moderate walking.


The users planning to run from time to time or regularly and persons interested to hold cardio trainings in house conditions mean. In this case preference should be given to the racetrack intended for daily 45-minute occupations by run as the TC 2 racetrack. Engine capacity in it is already higher, and the user has opportunity to choose various training programs and to change tilt angle to 10% for increase in load of muscles of legs.


For sure athletes and fans of the good results wishing to be engaged regularly it is better to choose racetrack which cloth is suitable for any length of step. For long trainings and the speed of run reaching 16 km/h give preference to more multipurpose racetrack, such as TC 4 using effective technical solutions and the engine of high power with large number of training programs and with adjustable tilt angle to 10%.


At speed from 1 to 8 km/h your training consists in walking (from "slow" to "sports"). At speeds over 8 km/h your training passes into jogging, and then into run.
The track for walking is more compact, than track for run. There are 2 types of tracks: without motor and with the motor.

On track without morot the leg pushes running cloth and it turns. For this reason this track inclined to facilitate the movement of cloth. This track weighs less, however, on it there is no opportunity to go on plain surface, in some models the course of cloth can be insufficiently smooth (that increases load of joints).

On the electric treadmill the running cloth rotates the motor. Therefore its speed is constant, the user sets it at discretion (from 1 km/h). It has two advantages: opportunity to go on flat surface and optimum comfort for joints.
There are many models of racetracks. Each track is developed for comfortable use in the range of target speed that is reached through parameters of its such components as running cloth, power of the motor and the general design. These elements directly influence the exercise machine size … and its cost.



The quicker you go/run, the more length of your step. Therefore the running cloth has to correspond to your training. The cloth the sizes of 100 cm x 40 cm perfectly will be suitable for walking with speed from 1 km/h to 6 km/h. That is, for this case there corresponds the track size for walking. For jogging or jogging with speed from 6 km/h to 8 km/h the cloth the sizes of 120 cm x 40 cm will be comfortable. And at last, for run with speed from 10 km/h, choose cloth of 130 cm x 45 cm or the bigger size. To convince you, there is nothing better, than to try to be trained really on track.


The choice of the motor, the guarantor of speed, depends on how you are going to use racetrack. What will be your run quicker, those big will need motor power.
Power is also connected with the maximum weight of the user specified in characteristics of track. 100 kg? 130 kg? Load of the motor will differ. The motor with the power corresponding to your service conditions will prolong service life of your exercise machine. The first indicator to which it is necessary to pay attention is constant engine capacity (power which the motor provides during the continuous work). The second indicator is peak power (power, possible at the dot moment, for example, in acceleration phase).


One of "comfortable" advantage of occupations on racetrack! Good racetracks are often equipped with system of absorption which degree of complexity differs depending on model. It reduces shock loads of knees and joints. Absorption has to correspond to your use: during walking soft absorption will provide bigger comfort of joints and feeling of "rebound". For run more rigid absorption will provide maximum отброс legs and dynamics when using... and also smaller loss of energy.


Ideal for more increase in muscular footwork, system of bending helps to vary training, modeling rise downhill. More muscles of lower body (buttocks, hips) and press work (including torso), the expense of calories increases (up to 4 times more with tilt angle in 20%, for example!). There are 2 types of systems of bending: with the manual adjustment demanding exercise machine stop for change of tilt angle and with the automatic adjustment allowing to change tilt angle during the training.


The computer traces key parameters of your training: speed, the passable distance, training time, average expense of calories. There are as simple and intuitive models for occupations by walking, and more "technological" options of racetracks.
Pay attention to the functionality of measurements and available programs allowing to estimate results and your progress, compatibility with additional accessories (function of the trainer or MP3 player) and readability of information (the screen size, existence of illumination). Depending on model, there can also be pulse rate definition (the most exact measurement will be provided with pulsator).


Depending on model from can change from values below of 100 kg to 150 kg and above. The sizes and power of the motor of each track are calculated on that on it the user with the "maximum" weight could settle down safely and steadily.


Stability during run depends on track weight. What you choose heavier track as, especially it will be steady that is the key to smoothness of its course and comfort. Basic surfaces (their length and width) also matter for the general stability of the exercise machine.


System of folding/unfolding: upon termination of occupation at the majority of racetracks it is possible to put running cloth. To spread out track again, the assistant can be necessary for lowering of cloth.
Some tracks have additional opportunities: thickness of the Domyos Walk'In racetrack allows to store it under the majority of beds for the maximum economy of the place!
System of transportation: the majority of racetracks is equipped with shipping rollers. However it is necessary to remember that some tracks will easier move, than others (it is influenced by the gross weight and area of coupling with surface).


Provide of 30 minutes till 1 o'clock for assembly of the majority of racetracks. Or open for yourself the exercise machines which are not demanding assembly as the new Domyos "ready for operation" models.

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