2002-2008 Mazda 6 Wagon review

2002-2008 Mazda 6 Wagon

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Mazda6. Petrol or Diesel.Now you really can have it all in a Mazda6, whether you choose the highly responsive petrol engine in sedan, hatch or wagon body styles or the new-generation common-rail turbo diesel engine in hatch or wagon body styles. The sleek, athletic body. Powerful, responsive performance. Handling that can only come from a company with a passion for sports cars. In corners, curves or on straights. Mazda6 delivers that special feeling we call Zoom-Zoom.Exhilaration moves up a gear.Performance moves into overdrive with either the 2.3L petrol engine mated to a 6-speed manual or 5-speed Activematic transmission or new generation common-rail turbo diesel engine matched to a short throw, 6-speed manual. The transmissions not only improve Mazda6's already impressive fuel economy, the closer gear ratios make the most of the engine's power potential. And with a drive-by-wire electronic throttle, the engine's responsiveness is the envy of many sports car drivers. The new Mazda6 has style and performance in perfect ratios, something you'll appreciate every time you drive it.Mazda6 Petrol: powerful and responsive.Constructed of light-weight aluminium alloy, the 2.3 litre in-line 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC engine with Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) delivers 122kW of power and 207Nm of torque for superior performance particularly in off-the-line and passing acceleration. Combine this with a new drive-by-wire electronic throttle and you can take full advantage of the engine's flat torque characteristics and outstanding fuel economy. To fully realise the engine's potential choose from two smooth shifting transmissions, a short throw, 6-speed manual or 5-speed Activematic.Mazda6 Diesel: takes you even further.Available in hatch or wagon guise and boasting 105kW of power and 360Nm of torque from 2000rpm the 2.0-litre direct injection diesel engine consumes just 5.9L/100km (combined cycle) which means Mazda6 Diesel can travel more than 1000 kilometres on one tank of fuel. Mazda6 Diesel features a particulate filter trap that all but eliminates diesel "smoke", helping it to pass the ultra-clean Euro Step IV exhaust emissions. Mazda6 Diesel features a sporty 6-speed manual transmission to take advantage of the engine's torque characteristics.Model Range:
Mazda6 Classic
Mazda6 Sports
Mazda6 DSL

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