Mini which you definitely don't buy: the test of the loaded JCW Clubman review

Mini which you definitely don't buy: the test of the loaded JCW Clubman

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Even I am a person extremely tolerant to different strange cars — with surprise I will look at the Russian owner of JCW Clubman. Mini buy not because they it is better than others, cheaper, quicker or have a bigger luggage compartment. Mini buy contrary to: to a rigid suspension, mad interior, high price. There is a category of rather well-to-do people who consider this neoretro-design cool, originality — the highest priority, and roadability is appreciated by more opportunities of internal transformation. But this John Cooper Works Clubman will be bought by only the originals from originals.

I will understand the owner of usual Mini John Cooper Works — the three-door cool proved to be even at racing school on the Nurnburgring! I will understand also the buyer of "civil" Clubman Cooper S — there, besides an original body of "coupe station wagon", there are an all wheel drive and the powerful motor. Though for the same fifty thousand it is possible to buy the whole crossover (and who told that it is better?) But to what to fasten to five (to six?) to a door the motor in 231 forces, legendary brakes of Rimbaud and a suspender-zubodrobilku?
Let's dream

The answer will become clear, it appear you, for example, in the Tyrolean Alps where removed last "Bond". If to climb down a mountain, then 4-piston single housings of Brembo keep far longer, than standard buckles at Cooper S. And the suspender for these 5 miles of descent by will of consciousness turns from jolty (absorbers with changeable ruggedness are alternatively offered) into collected. This integrity will allow to fly so in turning movements as if you Rauno "Ralli Professor" Aaltonen on tops of Rally of Monte Carlo in 1967 when he won a race driving tiny Mini Cooper.

Usual Clubman Cooper S All4 won't allow to flit so on mountain crinkles — with a bigger swing and lists you don't sustain that speed from which palms sweat. Though it has too remarkably adjusted vectorization of pull-rod which literally sucks in JCW Clubman in the closest turning movements. Electronics it is sensible copes with an understeer on an entrance in a bend, and for fight with "anderstiry" at the exit there is an all wheel drive here.

However, it is necessary to apply it correctly, together with the system of stabilization weakened manually. Only then Clubman JCW will become a little more rear-drive and will be screwed up in turning movement by gas. And the three-door peredneprivodnik lacked it so in some bends of the Nurnburgring!

I specially took an interest at the veteran Rauno who was present at the presentation that he thinks of ability of Clubman JCW to frolic on ice of the winter lake. "It is possible, but without fun" — the 78-year-old Finn owning at home racing school already tested this JCW Clubman on slippery coverings and established that for a raunchy drift of pull-rod on a back it isn't enough. Character of an all wheel drive doesn't change also with activation of the sport mode when the engine, the wheel and a box aggravate reactions, and the release begins to speak in a deep voice and shoot loudly.

The motor more, than is enough. If, on the contrary, to go up uphill, then 231 horsepowers — it is far more cheerful 192 at Klabmen without the treasured letters JCW. There is still not enough to hold a pedal trampled in a floor it was terrible, but is already enough that on such road will pile to really bystry cars. And in these conditions JCW Clubman reveals — on simple three-door Mini with completions of John Cooper there is no all wheel drive therefore in the winter it will slip on dispersal, and in turning movements inevitably to go outside. And the alpine skiing set in its body will be arranged absolutely not so great.

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